Recent Works

The World is a Beautiful Place (2010)

Short film, 4 min. 21 sec.

An experimental short documentary featuring archival material from the 1906 Great San Francisco Earthquake and Fire in combination with contemporary digital cinematography and photography. This film explores the affect of overlaying still and moving imagery in combination with music and poetry through the memorialization of a particular event that occurred over one hundred years ago yet still has particular resonance for my family and many people in the Bay Area. The work deals simultaneously with the evidence of the aftermath of the disaster as well as the intervening years that have erased its traces. Still it lingers in the popular imagination. The music playing throughout the video is a 1909 recording of Enrico Caruso singing La fleur que tu m’avais jetée from Bizet’s Carmen, which he sang in San Francisco the night before the great quake. He swore never to return to San Francisco, and he never did. The title and text is from a poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, a fixture in San Francisco literary circles, which is appropriate in capturing a feeling of the place.

Planes — Fire — Ocean (2010)

Short film, 5 min. 22 sec.

This video stems from my persistent interest in the indexical nature of photography and how the meaning of indexicality—as a trace of the real—continues to shift within the digital computerized environment where image manipulation has become de rigueur. The repetitive nature of the scenes allowed me to experiment with various effects and to see how these effects changed the underlying tone.

683 Fiesta Place (2010)

Short film, 5 min. 16 sec.

This short film represents initial experiments for a larger transmedia project that will explore place, space and community. The place depicted here is the ethnically diverse working-class neighborhood in Hayward where I grew up, in the suburbs of the San Francisco Bay Area that borders a large regional park. The idea is to explore both external spaces, such as parks and streets, and interior places such as homes and other buildings, in order to represent the neighborhood in all its diversity, continuity and change, and its sociopolitical and geographic place in the Bay Area. In this particular segment one enters the home of my mother who continues to inhabit the neighborhood.

Buenos Dias en Garin Park (2012)

This three-screen video attempts to provide viewers with a spatial mapping of the physical characteristics of Garin Park, a regional park in the East Bay hills near San Francisco. The sound of the park—music, human voices, and animals calls— will all be elements of chance that give an improvised feel to a structured exploration of space. In addition, manipulation of the sound found in the environment, in addition to footsteps and sniffling, heightens the sense of a subjective and personal experience.

Short film for three screens, 10 min. 8 sec.